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Global Mold Inc. is a manufacturer and distributor of plastic random dump tower packing media. Located in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. With the engineering, manufacturing and quality control all done in-house, we are able to offer a superior product at the same or lower prices you would otherwise have to import from Asia to achieve. Our streamlined manufacturing process enables us to concentrate our focus on high production volume while maintaining a low overhead. This equates to our ability to directly compete with off-shore manufacturers.  We manufacture high quality Plastic Random Dump Tower Packing Media, MBBR Biofilter Media, and Gas Scrubber Packing Media in various configurations and specifications.

At Global Mold Inc., quality products and customer satisfaction are key components of our success. We stand behind our products and our customers to guarantee the best possible tower packing media purchasing experience!

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Tower Packing

Spherical, octagonal and stacked plastic random tower packing media is uniquely engineered to provide maximum surface contact between exhaust gases and scrubbing liquid by facilitating continuous formation of droplets throughout the packed media bed. The distinctive shape provides uniform liquid distribution throughout the tower bed and minimizes wasteful liquid flow down the wall surface. It prevents clogging because there are no flat surfaces or minute openings to harbor particulate matter, and it eliminates puddling because there are no corners and valleys. The result is extraordinarily high scrubbing efficiency while minimizing the amount of media and packing depth required.

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