Tower Packing Media


Global Mold manufactures and distributes plastic random dump Tower Packing media uniquely designed and engineered to provide maximum surface contact between exhaust gases and scrubbing liquid by facilitating continuous formation of droplets throughout the packed media bed. The distinctive shape of our Tower Packing media provides uniform liquid distribution throughout the packed tower bed and minimizes wasteful liquid flow down the wall surface. It prevents clogging because there are no flat surfaces or minute openings to harbor particulate matter, and it eliminates puddling because there are no corners and valleys. The result is extraordinarily high scrubbing efficiency while minimizing the amount of media and packing depth required.Tower Packing - plastic random Tower Packing media

Our Tower Packing media design prevents dry spots and compression interlock, two phenomena common to traditional Tower Packing media, both of which cause liquid and air channeling and decrease media efficiency.

Note: surface area alone does not guarantee performance. Excess surface area can impede gas/liquid contact and create higher pressure drops, thus increasing horsepower requirements and operating expense. Global Mold's Tower Packing media provides the optimum surface-to-open-area ratio for achieving best mass transfer efficiency and lowest operating costs. It is the industry standard for random dump tower packing media. Global Tower Packing Media is available in three sizes in a variety of injection-molded resins including polypropylene, PVC, KYNAR®, Halar®, Teflon® and glass-filled polypropylene. 

Download: Global Tower Packing Media Specifications (PDF Format)


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